Let’s get these out of the way

Here’s a pile of random Japanese-English signs and so on that I’m just going to throw into a single post, make a couple snide comments about, and move on to more important things instead of pretending that each one is worth its own post.

Poster at a police station.  This one was behind glass so it’s not a terribly good photo.  There was a much larger poster of this up in the local train station, but when I went back to take a photo of it, it’d been replaced with an advertisement.  I guess the train station didn’t care much about your sense of justice.

Dino’s wish – what, the purple guy from the Flintstones? – is to keep and shine your beauty forever.  Pretty heavy stuff for the family dog.

Speaking of things that are purple, this shirt is either the worse case of poor color recognition skills or it has some deeper meaning.

I’m going with the poor color recognition skills for now.

I keep staring at this one, and I keep ALMOST seeing what they were trying to say, and then I just can’t make it make sense.

Edit, February 24th 2017: 

Seven years after making fun of this sign, I discover that “first flush” is in fact a descriptor for Darjeeling tea harvested at a certain time of year, so I should feel dumb about mocking it. 

So so close and yet so so far.

I saw many very awesome T-shirts, but unfortunately most of them were being worn by live people walking around.  I didn’t have the guts or the gall to stop random people and tell them “your shirt is hilarious, may I take a photo?”

Anyway, I like “Here is a tiny dressing up fou you” a lot, and it was being worn by a shirt form, and those can’t complain that you’re taking a photo of them.

This is probably my favorite from the whole trip.  It’s not just the slightly off-kilter English, it’s the message: “I don’t care what people think about me.  I have bigger things to worry about.  Like, say, bolstering my sagging self esteem through buying clothing.”

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