The Man Spa

About two miles from our previous apartment, there was a day spa whose advertising seemed predominantly aimed at women.  You could go in for a day of relaxing, having people do your hair and nails, get a massage, generally decompress from the stress of daily life.

If I had money – or gullible financial backers – I’d tempted to open a chain of Man Spas based on the Japanese capsule hotel experience.

From my – admittedly rather limited – experience with capsule hotels, they hit pretty much every need a guy wanting to get away from the stress of daily life could possibly have.

The one I stayed at in Osaka this last trip had a vending machine full of alcohol, more smoking areas than non smoking, 24/7 pornography on your in-capsule television, a huge bath and sauna, mahjong tables, video games, massage chairs for a couple hundred yen, actual masseuses available if you wanted to spend more money, and you could walk around in pajamas all day.

Oh, and a restaurant that sold a menu made of “fried” that you could eat in your pajamas while drinking alcohol from the machine and smoking.

I think duplicating this could really work.  🙂

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