In which I purchase officially licensed “Hannah Montana” merchandise.

Let’s be perfectly clear:  I’m not a fan of Hannah Montana.  That isn’t to say that I have anything against the show, I’ve never seen it and I’m not exactly in the target demographic so I really don’t have an opinion either way.

I will admit that I do have two or three Miley Cyrus songs on my iPod, but that’s perfectly normal for any man in his late 30s who uh…

A restraining order? For me? You shouldn’t have!

Anyway.  Let’s move on.

See, regardless of my apathy for the actual Hannah Montana phenomenon, it did bring at least one good thing into the world: Lilac PSPs.  I like me some pastel-colored electronics.

Thing is, though, I bought a white PSP-1000 while I was in Japan 4 years ago, and it’s in perfect working order, so buying another one, at $200, was kind of hard to justify.

It became easier when my wife bought a PSP-3000 for herself and I found out that you could hook it up to your TV, or say to a monitor with component inputs, and play PSP games on a rather larger screen.  They may be letterboxed and all that, but it’s still a rather nice option.

Still, $200 seemed a lot of money.  I was also rather worried that the lilac PSP in the bundle might have, say, a massive Hannah Montana logo emblazoned on the backside, which would cause even more people to question my man status.

Fortunately for me, it seems like a lot of people had trouble justifying $200 for a PSP, so our local Fred Meyer had several bundles that hung around until they got put on clearance at $190.  That’s not really much of a discount.

Then they sent me a coupon for $20 off anything in home electronics AND had a sale wherein every piece of “clearance” merchandise was marked down an additional 40%.

At that point, owning a second PSP became a lot more justifiable, and I found a couple of forum posts that implied that the lilac PSP was free of potentially embarrassing logos, so I decided to bite the bullet, take the plunge, reuse the metaphor and just find out for myself.

Purchased: One (1) “Hannah Montana” Limited Edition Entertainment Pack:

Don’t forget: Les filles JOUENT aussi!

Wait… shouldn’t that be “Les fillez” ? I mean, to go with the “Girlz”?

Upon opening… the tension builds… I ignore the packet emblazoned “Open me first” in favor of answering my real question.

Incidentally, the battery is in the “Open me first” packet, which I found out after I plugged the thing in to charge, left it for several hours, tried to turn it on and had a minor panic attack.  Just a little protip for you, there.

And we’re good! We have no logo! I can proudly play my new lilac PSP in public without fear of anyone questioning my manliness… maybe. It will help if I don’t actually apply any of the included shiny stickers to my new PSP.

Not that I’m actually tempted, because that would just be plain weird, and I like to think I’m a perfectly normal and well adjusted guy.

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