Random bits of swag from Japan

I have an Acer laptop – I bought it because it was a) really quite inexpensive, b) had a huge (17″) widescreen display and c) had a built-in numeric keypad.

Last weekend we noticed that CompUSA had the newer model from the same line on sale, so my wife wound up with an Acer laptop as well.

The question of “how to tell them apart” came up, as the only real difference is that mine has a build-in webcam and hers doesn’t.

Fortunately, there was a booth at Comic Market selling really cool die-cut vinyl logo stickers of various types, and I bought an “Earth Defense Force” logo sticker for the princely sum of 300 yen.  So, my laptop joined the EDF and now we’ve no fear of accidentally taking the wrong laptop.


Unfortunately, the clear adhesive sheet they give you to protect the logo sticker once applied kind of spoils the effect, but what the hell.

Also, a couple of things that I cannot rationally explain buying.

Let me sum up:

1) I don’t smoke.

2) I’m not really a big Evangelion fan.

3) I was really worried about bringing these on the plane.

4) I’m not sure how safe they are to store.

5) So why did I buy two Evangelion lighters from a Lawson’s combini?



And removed from box:


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