Nobody minds when you shoot Nazis

It’s true.

Even though everyone is pretty much OK with Germany these days and has been for 60-odd years, Nazis are still considered pretty much fair game to gun down in videogames.

This makes them one of the two Top Videogame Bad Guys, the other top pick being zombies.

Nobody minds when you shoot zombies, either.

I am given to understand that there have been quite a few games based on World War II, taking advantage of the fact that Nazis don’t have any advocacy groups, but it’s not really my genre. I like cute, and there’s not much cute about WWII shooters.

Mind you, being a shallow male, I am easily swayed by busty half-vampires in skin-tight leather outfits, so I do own Bloodrayne, which features Nazis aplenty. It’s not really a historical simulation, though. It’s also not cute, but it’s, uh, it’s, uh, did I mention the skin-tight leather outfits?

And is “skin-tight” hyphenated, or two words, or is it just one word, “skintight”? I am not sure, and the spell checker doesn’t complain about any of them. I’ll go with hyphenated.

All that aside, the group of guys I game with on Wednesday nights play a whole lot of various shootin’ games, and so I wound up buying Call of Duty 2, since it was cheaper than buying Rainbow Six Vegas or Gears of War, the other games they play a bunch of.

And I played through the training mode, and got the 50 easiest achievement points I’ve ever gotten, and then mostly played multiplayer online.

And, I got my butt whupped a bunch. So I thought, well, let’s try the single player game and see how that goes and maybe I’ll get a little better.

I don’t know if that’s actually happened, but I did wind up playing through the entire single player campaign. It didn’t manage to convert me into a raving historical FPS fanboy, but I will admit that it’s a pretty solid game and if I had more interest in the source material I’d probably be raving about it.

Gamerscore +150 for “Winning the war” means that I have cracked the 1K barrier. I am mighty.

This leaves me with two Xbox360 games to finish. “Prey” and “Dead Rising”.

One of those features Zombies… 🙂

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