That there, that was some pretty good Dark.

I don’t know as I’d call it Perfect, but it was pretty good.

One of the absolute worst “money spent” to “games completed” ratios I’ve ever had was buying a Nintendo 64. It did have some quality games – I won’t dispute that – but I owned one for a full decade and didn’t finish a single title on the system. I finally sold it, this year, along with the 11 games I did have for it, and got a whopping 78 bucks off eBay for the package. Mind you, it still had the receipt in the box, showing that I’d paid $80 for the “Doom 64” cartridge I bought at the same time as the system.

On the other hand, the game I came closest to finishing was a $10 game I bought near the end of the system’s life: Perfect Dark.

I actually managed to play all the way to the final boss fight, which I then lost several times in a row before getting entirely too frustrated and giving up on it. So I ALMOST finished one (ONE!) Nintendo 64 game.

It was a hell of a game, though. So, when we added an Xbox 360 to our humble geek apartment, I bought Perfect Dark Zero, the prequel-sequel.

THAT game, I just managed to finish – on the absolute lowest difficulty setting, netting me a whopping 10 points towards my Gamerscore, which now sits at a lofty 920.

It’s a lot easier game than the original, or I’ve developed l33t FPS skillz… let’s go with “it’s a lot easier”, shall we?

It’s also, well, it’s not as epic as the original, but that makes a bit of sense. If they made the prequel game all wowie and zoomie and bang, then Joanna’s reactions to events in the original game wouldn’t make sense. If they’d thrown in, say, aliens, then you would expect her to be all “like, yawn” in the original game instead of “omg! alienz!”

…so to speak.

The designers did go way over the top with the escort missions. I hate escort missions. Perfect Dark Zero has, like, seven missions that involve escorting or defending people. There are 13 levels. This ratio sucks.
At least you’re usually escorting guys with guys who can defend themselves, not random unarmed civilians who run out into the middle of firefights and get themselves shot.

But, even with far too many escort missions, it was some pretty good Dark.

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