A three…hour…tour…

OK, no. It’s actually about 45 minutes, not three hours, by river boat from Asakusa from Odaiba, but what really counts isn’t how long it takes but how you’re getting there.

This lovely thing is the Himiko, designed by Leiji Matsumoto, and probably the coolest looking vehicle of any type I have ever enjoyed a ride in.


It’s a limited express boat, so it only stops at Asakusa, Daiba, and Toyosu. This is it approaching the Asakusa pier.

Apparently at night it’s all illuminated and glowey, which is possibly the only thing that could make it look cooler.

Once you’re onboard, the actual cruising down the river is pretty normal. There’s a running commentary track to tell you which of Tokyo’s bridges you’re passing under, point out interesting sights, that sort of thing. Mind you, it’s narrated by the crew of the Galaxy Express 999:


Lots of folks having their friends take pictures of them with the cardboard standees. Note that the captain of the boat, who you can see from behind at the top of the photo, not only gets to pilot the coolest boat on the river – he also gets to wear a cowboy hat while so doing.

I don’t know how many jobs rank higher than that, really.

Here’s a good view of the boat from the front, pulled into Daiba. It stops right under the “Decks” shopping mall before continuing to Toyosu, and this is as far as I went.


Ticket: About 1500 yen

Super-deformed toy version souvenir: 900 yen

Grinning like a maniac for most of an hour: Priceless.

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