My iPhone is tracking me (and it turns out I’m really boring)

So, there have been a couple of articles in the news today about how iOS devices constantly record your approximate location based on cell phone tower triangulation and how it’s stored in a file on your computer and how this is a serious privacy issue.

And yeah, it is a pretty serious privacy issue and I’m not downplaying it.  Granted, it’s only a serious privacy issue if someone actually gets access to my computer or steals my phone or something, and in that case I’m going to be a lot more worried about my online banking passwords than wondering whether they’re going to spend a few hours looking through my movement history.  Essentially, once someone has physical access to my computer, I’m screwed in all the least pleasant ways, this just adds another level of hurt.

But I have to be honest and admit that my first reaction on reading these news articles was to say “cool! now I can get a look at all my rambling around Japan last summer and figure out where I went to!”

So, I downloaded the program and told it to get snoopy and then I was really disappointed because all it came back with was this:

See, I hadn’t upgraded to iOS 4.0 before going to Japan, and the tracking feature was new to iOS 4.0, so all the data I have on me says that I spend a lot of time in Eugene and Portland and have gone to the coast once.

Seriously, I haven’t even been to freakin’ Seattle in the last 8 months, much less anywhere exotic.

I’m so depressed.

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