More Space Hunter Sandra

Nothing much to add to my previous comments about the game other than that I discovered that the rocket launcher is a gleefully satisfying way to make aliens go boom and I earned enough to buy the leopard print outfit that I’d been curious about.  I’m happy to report that it is even less combat-practical than the Nova outfit default costume.





If you tap your character in either the shop screen or the main menu, shown above, she blows you a kiss.

Action shots!

Over-the-shoulder and top-down views.  It’s the kitty ears that really make the outfit, I think. I’m astonished that the developer didn’t add a tail, but that probably would have taken extra effort to animate.

The little blue floaty thing on my right is a power-up that floats next to you for a minute or so adding extra firepower.  You can get a pair of them going and it’s great fun to mow down advancing zerglings alien beasties until it expires and you’re back to running backwards while shooting ahead.


Sadly you really don’t get the same impact in the top down view.




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