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QTEs Unleashed

I finished The Force Unleashed this morning, at about 3AM, with my wife cheering me on, and I have to say that it had a pretty neat story – if it’s canon, anyway, and I’m given to understand that the … Continue reading

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An afternoon with Lupin.

After playing through a couple of rather dark PC games, I was going to give the Saturn action RPG “Magic Knight Rayearth” a try.  I own the thing twice over, after all – I bought the domestic version when it … Continue reading

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Game: Subtitle

After finishing Project: Snowblind, I found myself reflecting on the title, which is just one step above “FPS” printed in bold black letters on a white box. There’s an awful lot of PC FPS games with titles consisting of “Name: … Continue reading

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A study in contrasts:

I finished up a pair of games over the last few days, which would feel like more of an accomplishment if I didn’t have over 500 games left in my “play this someday” stack. I don’t mean to imply that … Continue reading

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