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After finishing Project: Snowblind, I found myself reflecting on the title, which is just one step above “FPS” printed in bold black letters on a white box.

There’s an awful lot of PC FPS games with titles consisting of “Name: Subtitle”.

I can only assume it’s done to punch up the title a bit.  After all, “Project: Snowblind” sounds ever so much more military and manly than something like “The Snowblind Project”.

Also, I guess, “Project” isn’t really the name of the game.  So I didn’t really know where I was going with this.  Let’s move on.

The game under discussion is sort of a spiritual successor to Deus Ex, which does not have a manly colon in the title but which still stands out as possibly the best damn game ever.  I knew it wouldn’t be AS good as the original, but I was cautiously optimistic anyway.

To get things out of the way: It’s no Deus Ex.  It’s a more-or-less straight up run & gun affair with occasional bits where you can crawl through ducts and get the drop on enemies, and the occasional opportunity to commandeer a remote turret or hijack a sentry robot to wreak havoc.  It’s somewhat handicapped by a very console-centric design and some character models that are one step above super-deformed.  It’s hard to take the plot seriously when you and your fellow champions of justice look, well, squashed.

The environment, however, and particularly the music in later levels, is very reminiscent of Deus Ex, and there are times where you CAN be a sneaky bastard and gain the upper hand through inventive combinations of your character’s abilities and weaponry.  It has flashes of the sort of stuff that made me a member of the Cult of Spector in the first place, so it was well worth the, oh, two nights* that it took to play through.

Also, it was $5.99 at Fry’s.  Hard to go wrong at that price.

* I started it back in May and played up through the third level, after which the game crashed and I decided to put it aside until after I’d finished “The Witcher”.  It crashed after the third level on my second attempt to play it, too, but I found that it mostly stopped crashing if I set the CPU affinity to only use one core, which is good inasmuch as Eidos never released a patch for the thing.

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