In which, I pat myself on the back:

So, back in April or so, I found out from denpa no sekai that MOSAIC.WAV was releasing a new album, “Superluminal”.

And this I consider good news, because – with the exception of Amusement Pack – I haven’t yet met an album of theirs that I didn’t like.

And, to be fair, I probably would have liked Amusement Pack better if I was, you know, fluent in Japanese and all that so I could get the point of the interstitial spoken-word tracks.  So I don’t hold that against the band, not too much anyway.

On the other hand, I wasn’t about to drop the money to import their new album back in April because, well, the whole quitting my job and going back to school thing.

On the third hand, most of their library is available on iTunes, and substantially cheaper.  It just tends to lag behind the disc releases by a few months.

So I’ve been checking the Japanese iTunes store every couple of weeks, when I remember it, and I noticed last night that Superluminal was finally available for the low low price of Y1500. (about 16 bucks)

I clicked the “Buy album” link, got presented with the typical iTunes dialog box of “Are you sure you want to buy this?”, and had a sudden feeling of “wait, I shouldn’t push this button yet…”

Turns out it’s actually available on the US store, for $9.99.  Who would have guessed?

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