I think I need one of those industrial-safety signs you see in factories, only mine would read:

It has been


days since my last game purchase.

I have finished


games since my last game purchase.

Which I think reflects a good attitude towards dealing with the backlog.

Unfortunately, at some point I’m going to break down and buy SOMETHING – safe money is on Silent Hill : Shattered Dreams in October – and then I’d have to set the numbers back to zero and that would be really depressing.

So maybe I don’t need a sign.

Anyway, that 10 up there includes the two games I finished today, for certain values of “finished”, anyway.

See, I had a good friend over last night who has a weakness for the Beatles but who has never played any of the, shall we say, “Plastic Instrument” games.  He was in the uncomfortable state of WANTING the upcoming Beatles plastic-instrument game, but not knowing whether he’d actually enjoy it.

I am not myself a real proponent of the genre, but I had a pair of plastic guitars in the apartment and had played Guitar Hero II to the point of unlocking about half the songs.

Anyway, we put in Guitar Hero II and let him play bass on a few songs.  If we’d stopped at 3 (the point where he reached, I think, maximum annoyance with the entire genre), his life would have been much cheaper.

Unfortunately, he got the hang of things at that point, and, well, it looks like he’ll be giving the Rock Band people some money.

After a few songs in Guitar Hero II, I realized that I had, but had never played, the “Rocks the 80s” variant of the game, so we put that in, played through the 8 tracks you have access to when you start the game, tried and failed to make the “unlock everything” code work, and started playing through the career mode on easy.

After he left, I finished out the game on easy, realizing in the process that doing so only opened up 20 of the game’s 30 tracks.

By the way, it’s damn near criminal that they released this game at full retail – I paid 20 bucks for it and I feel like that’s overpriced considering how much of the assets they took straight out of GHII and how few songs you get.

Anyway, this morning I decided to take a run at it in, you know, MEDIUM difficulty.

It was, well, a nice difficulty level.  I failed a couple of tracks but finally managed to complete the game and open up all the tracks for play.

I was happy, but the sort of happy that leads to doing silly things like going back to Guitar Hero II and trying to unlock all the rest of the tracks in THAT.

Two words: Fuck “Freebird”

…anyway.  After four tries at the final song – all of them failing at 73%, by the way – I managed to skate through it by the skin of my teeth, unlock all the tracks for multiplayer, and wind up with enough cash to buy every song from the in-game store.

So: Two games down, one friend introduced to the rhythm genre just in time for him to make unwise financial decisions, and overall a good day of things.

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