Stabbing mans

So. I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed, which is a game of three parts. You run around cities doing all kinds of cool semi-parkour style moves, you do some intelligence gathering on mans to stab, and then you stab the mans.

It’s a brilliant game – I will say this even admitting that some of the intelligence gathering missions are painfully repetitive – because the other parts of the game are so damn fun.

And then there’s the bit where the game is buggier than a farm-house porch lamp on a summer evening.

Let me describe – and to be fair, let me point out that these issues seem confined to the PS3 version, and further to running on early 60GB models – the issue I’m encountering.

Simply put, the game locks in a fascinating way. The game sound doesn’t stop, you can still rotate the camera, in many ways it seems like everything is fine. Except, of course, that your character, and all NPC characters, freezes solid, and the only way to get out of the mess is to cycle power.

I will describe why this is particularly annoying:

The game revolves around several missions wherein you find out about a particularly odious individual, gather information on them, take it to your boss, get the heads-up to stabs him, infiltrate his base, go all stabby stabby, and run back to your boss.

You are subjected, during this, to three unskippable cutscenes.

Should you die at any point… You start over in the phase you died in. It’s actually fairly forgiving.

Should you CRASH, however, you go through the whole damn sequence again, including all the unskippable cutscenes.

I crash, on average, twice per stabby mission, so I’m watching these cutscenes a LOT, and they’re not really that good.

And yet I’m keeping at it, so either it really is quite good or I really am quite the masochistic.

This makes the second big-name PS3 title I’ve played recently that goes randomly into lockup land. I do try to remind myself of all the games I’ve played that don’t, you know, crash randomly, but there are times…

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