Purging away…

As of two days ago, I had four bins of cables / computer parts, neatly labeled as “AV Cables”, “Pasocon Cables”, “Pasocon Parts” and “Mynock Chow”.

Now I have two bins.  I condemned an awful lot of S-video cables, Cat-5 cable and USB-to-mini-USB cables to the abyss, and I feel better for it.

I also went through the boxes of tools & electronic parts and culled remorselessly.  I’ve come to the understanding that I will never use the components I bought back when I had a crazy dream of restoring vintage arcade machines, and that it would probably be best if I didn’t have them any more.

Finally, I’ve broken down a lot of product packaging to be recycled.  I mean, not everything – my recent implants from the possibly-benign overfiends at 1 Infinite Loop render me incapable of braking down any shiny white boxes with Apple logos – but stuff like the box for the 3rd-party SNES controller I bought in 1992 and whose box has followed me from apartment to apartment ever since.

I’ve managed to do an awful lot of stuff-reduction in the last year or so, and mostly without regrets.  I’m reasonably confident that, at some point, I’m going to realize that I’ve gone just too far in getting rid of SOMETHING, and at that point I’m going to have to go out and rebuy whatever it was, but I’m also reasonably confident that the cost of rebuying it will be offset by all the space I’ve freed up in the meantime.

On another note: Continuing my walkabout through the depths of my Saturn collection, I’ve come to Powerslave – or, as it’s known everywhere outside the US, Exhumed.  It’s one of the gems in the Saturn lineup, but one that I was worried might not have aged well.  After all, it’s an FPS designed around a Saturn pad, and I’m used to dual analogs or mouse & keyboard these days.

I will be brief: It’s aged VERY well.  The lack of mouselook is, well, a bit limiting, but the game was designed for it.

It wasn’t, however, designed to be finished easily.  It’s actually fairly brutal, leaving you starved for ammunition or health a lot of the time and forcing you to make long, precise jumps over lava pits and the like – and with no mid-level-save, missing one of these jumps sends you back to the level start…

…which is why I’m playing it through SSF and abusing the “save state” function liberally.  Sure, if I manage to finish it, I won’t have done it terribly cleanly, but I think I’ll be able to live with myself.

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