Random praise for Powerslave

Ok, so Powerslave is coming along nicely and I’m starting to feel pretty, what’s a good way to put this? Confident in my ability to turn random aggressive polygon monsters into low-resolution piles of pixelated goo.

So it threw me a tiny curveball.

According to the manual, there are three boss enemies, though I’m expecting a fourth just to spice things up.

The first boss character is in, well, an arena. In getting to him you go through a level that is clearly a funnel – you feel from the onset that you are being lead down a path to your doom, made even more obvious by being dropped into a large circular arena with a giant door on one wall – a door you have to OPEN to let the boss out. It all leads to a nice sense of tension.

Boss #2, on the other hand, is just sort of hanging out in a hallway in its level. There’s no buildup; you’re happily wandering through the level when you turn a corner and BAM.

The ensuing chaos was glorious, going from “huh. Haven’t seen one of those before” to ” huh. It kind of hurts and WOW it’s taking a lot of bullets to kill” to “uh, I’m running kind of low on ammo and close to death, is it ever going to stop and fall over?”

And then, after it was all over – WHAT WAS THAT THING?


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