No Preorder…

…no midnight launch madness, no trading of my first born, my soul, or my cats…

…just a matter of walking in to Fred Meyer this morning and asking “Hey, do you guys have the new Halo?”

And getting a response of, “Sure, which version do you want?”

The thing that sold me on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, I have to admit, was the cinematics disc – something I didn’t know existed until this morning. Darn that Bungie!

Inside the box… I’d heard this called the “cat helmet”, with the implication that you could put it on your cat if you, you know, hated your cat, but I think you’d need a really, really big cat to wear this thing.

Now of course, I have to go to work. I am a sad enough fanboy to pay twice the cost of a regular game for this thing – I’m not a sad enough fanboy to miss a day to stay home and play it.

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