War for the Pocket.

I finished “Me & My Katamari” this evening.  This makes the second PSP game I’ve managed to play through from beginning to end… and I’ve had the system since August of 2006.  A quick look at the shelf tells me that I have 19 PSP titles – one of those is the Sega Genesis Collection, which has something like 28 games on it, and another is Parodius Portable, which has five games.

I’ve got RPGs – Astonisha Story, Brave Story, Kingdom of Paradise, Popolocrois, Untold Legends.  I’ve got Ridge Racer, Twisted Metal, and Wipeout Pure, so driving games are covered.  I’ve got PIQ, Exit, Lumines and Gunpey to handle my puzzle needs and Death Jr. and MegaMan Powered Up if I feel in the mood for a platformer.

And I’ve got LocoRoco, which is the only other PSP game I’ve actually completed.

Basically – I have a lot of PSP games and they cover all the major genres.  So why doesn’t it get played more?  It makes a great media player, and I watch stuff with it all the time, but it should be first and foremost a game system.

I’m going to try an experiment – keep my kanji dictionary cart in the DS, but leave the rest of the DS games at home, and try to pull out the PSP when I have a few minutes to fill with gaming.

I have an 8-slot PSP UMD case, so I’ve filled it with Kingdom of Paradise, Sega Genesis Collection, Ridge Racer, Exit, Lumines, Brave Story, Every Extend Extra – and I left Me & My Katamari in there because, well, I unlocked some modes where I can go back and replay earlier levels without a time limit.

We’ll see what happens.

Oh – and Me & My Katamari?  It was pretty good except for, mmm, the five or six straight levels where you are taking on the exact same levels in the exact same order with the exact same size requirements and the only difference is the animal you make an island for at the end.  I swear, the developers made 12 levels and were patting themselves on the back and heading out the door for the ship party, and some marketer said “I thought this was going to have 16 levels?”

That aside, it’s Katamari, so it’s effing brilliant.  Just that minor quibble that came very near to making me shut off the system in disgust and decide not to buy Beautiful Katamari.  But I’m better now.

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