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I got fan mail.

So, I’ve done a Japan trip two summers in a row now, and the first time I got a request passed to me from one of my wife’s co-workers. She wanted some Japanese Pokemon cards for her 5 year old … Continue reading

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I am good for the environment.

OK. I’m not GREAT for the environment, or even really that good, because all I really did was take something incredibly wasteful and make it slightly less so. A few years ago, I designated one PC as the “Media” PC, … Continue reading

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One downside to organization…

I recently hooked up my TurboDuo again. Because I’m organized, see, and I can make a space for more game consoles that I’ve been neglecting. This was a great system when it came out. It combined a TurboGrafx-16, the CD … Continue reading

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When I said…

When I said I’d finished Trace Memory, that was a statement made of lies. I went back and played through it again. Turns out that I’d not only gotten the bad ending the first time, but by missing a critical … Continue reading

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Japanese LeSportsac Store

For those of you who are coming here from clicking the Tokidoki tag… I don’t really have much to offer you. But here’s a blurry camera-phone picture of a LeSportsac store in Japan, at the frightening-to-men “Women’s Theme Park” mall, … Continue reading

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she still lies trapped within the system

…Well, that’s what the game SAID. Now, I will stop being oh-so-enigmatic with my obscure quotes and explain. Before explaining, though: I finished Trace Memory. I missed a couple of things along the way, so even though I completed the … Continue reading

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Time for a little less FPS in my diet, also: pork.

I took a look back and realized that 5 of the last 6 games I’ve played have been first-person shooters, so it’s time for a change of genre. I’m giving Trace Memory a shot. It’s a point-and-click style adventure game … Continue reading

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