Time for a little less FPS in my diet, also: pork.

I took a look back and realized that 5 of the last 6 games I’ve played have been first-person shooters, so it’s time for a change of genre.

I’m giving Trace Memory a shot. It’s a point-and-click style adventure game with lots of puzzles. In terms of genre it’s about as far away from an FPS as you can get without involving mahjong or dating.

For some reason, the Tron 2.0 image header at the top of the blog stopped working, but it was time for a new look anyway. The new one features tonkatsu, which is one of the World’s Most Perfect Foods – even more so when you realize you can get katsu-curry.

Tonkatsu is pork, coated with panko breading, and fried. It’s not exactly a diet food. Normally it comes with a heapin’ mound of shredded cabbage and a bowl of rice. It’s damn yummy.

This is a photo of… well, it’s a photo of one of the fake food displays outside a tonkatsu restaurant. In most Japanese restaurants, what you get on your plate is pretty much exactly what you see in the display, so when you’re not feeling adventurous you can order from the display and know that you’re not going to get any real shocks.


It looked like I’d get two katsu, two fried and breaded shrim, a crab croquette, some rice, and some miso, for about 13 bucks. There was also a little cup of assorted seafood in gelatinous goop that I figured I could safely avoid.I wasn’t feeling adventurous. I was actually feeling really worn out at the time. Mountain o’ fried food with rice and miso sounded really good.

I got seated, waved off an English menu (possibly my mistake) and ordered me some katsu goodness.

It came.

I went to stir up the miso.

It went “clink, clink”.

Sounded like ice cubes.

Very odd, I thought to myself. It’s kind of hot out, yes, but I’ve never heard of iced miso and OH MY GOD IT HAS SHELLS IN IT.

I’m not a shellfish guy.

There’s a certain kind of horror that comes from finding whole mussels in your miso that’s hard to express.

I managed to drink most of the miso, and I even ate a couple of the mussels. I didn’t want to, you know, look like I was wasting food.

Then I covered it up and tried to pretend they didn’t exist.

Apart from the Stealth Mussels, it was every bit as fine a meal as I have ever had, and I would gladly order it again, as soon as I learn how to say “no molluscs please” in Japanese.

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