When I said…

When I said I’d finished Trace Memory, that was a statement made of lies.

I went back and played through it again. Turns out that I’d not only gotten the bad ending the first time, but by missing a critical early puzzle I’d also missed out on about a third of the actual story. See, each conversation seems to build on earlier events – since I’d missed triggering a certain event very early on, I’d missed out on every conversation that built up from those events.

My wife played through the game before I did, and she did everything properly, so she was a bit confused about my complaining during the game that things didn’t make sense, that we weren’t hearing enough about a certain character, blah blah blah… and now I know why my bitching didn’t make sense.

At any rate, on the second go around, all is well, I get the good ending, my wife gets to feel a bit smug about things, and I found myself involuntarily adding the Blossom Culp books to an Amazon order. Since the majority of the order is for her – she gets a Connis Willis book, a Nancy Drew game for her DS, a DVD of the Da Vinci Code, and a box set of Stargate Atlantis – I feel no shame in padding it out with some books from my childhood and the latest Terry Pratchett novel.

In other events… as this is my last weekend before school, I’ve made a list of organization projects.

Many of them can be summed up as follows:

I started x, y, or z project ages and ages ago, accumulated supplies, never got around to it, and I’ve had boxes of half-done project festering in our storage closet ever since.

Several of these projects have now been uprooted from the closet and tossed unceremoniously into the nearest dumpster. If I ever get the urge to try one of them again, I’ll make sure I have time, energy, and space for them before I start.


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