Wow, I finished an RPG

I am quite the fan of console RPGs.  Of buying them, anyway.  I have boxes full of them, all patiently awaiting the day I decide to play them.

The problem seems to be that, when I’m awash in the glow of finishing one game and am making my next selection, I am rarely in the mood to commit to a 40-80 hour epic.

Jeanne D’arc, mind you, and I use it as an example because I finished it this evening, was nowhere near 40 hours.  All told, it took less than 25 hours to complete.

That was 25 hours spent over a period of about four months, of course, because I was really getting in to the game and buzzing along neatly and taking my occasional losses in stride, and then I hit a “protect the hapless NPC” mission and that made me set it aside for a few months until the burning sensation wore off.

I would make some comment here about how one bad level out of 36 isn’t THAT bad, but honestly it only takes one bad level to relegate some games to the Dead Pile.  It is something of a testament to how good the other 35 levels are that it avoided that fate.

The only drawback is that it rekindled the “Damnit, Sega, make another proper Shining Force game!” frustrations, and I think we all know that they’re pretty unlikely to unstick their heads on that particular topic.

I’m kind of curious to go back for another play sometime – of the fourteen characters in the game, you’re usually only allowed 5 to 7 per level, so I completely ignored several of them through most of the game, and there’s a branch in the storyline about 2/3rds of the way through the game where you wind up with one of two characters with no way to go back for the other.

If I DO get sucked back in, I’ll do a wee bit more grinding BEFORE the protect quest this time. 🙂

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