More Killer 7

Just for the record, when I was making fun of adventure games in my earlier post on Killer 7, I did not know that I would, at a point approximately halfway through the game, actually have to look around for doohickies so I could turn on a valve to drain a pool.

I got some of the particulars wrong, mind you.  While you do get an awful lot of rings throughout the course of the game, none of them have been swallowed by fish, not yet anyway.  Instead, they are, perfectly logically, given to you by a disembodied head that likes to go to amusement parks and hang around in garages.

At the moment, having broken up an organlegging ring by fighting a machine-gun-toting Sailor-Moon-wannabe in a plaid skirt followed by a quick-draw contest with her albino adoptive father, I’m hunting down an artist whose Power-Rangers-esque comic book seems to be predicting the future.

This is all, again, perfectly logical.

OK, I’m pretty much lying.  What I should say is that, while I’m really enjoying the game, I’m looking forward to playing through to the end so I can go looking for discussions on what the hell the story was all about.  🙂

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