Getting through backlogs… how to do it wrong.

So I’ve been really cranking through the games backlog this year, up to over 40 games finished and I might just be able to push that to 50 by the time 2009 rolls around.

On the other hand, my wife wanted to go out and look for DS games this weekend – she doesn’t really build up a backlog, mind you, she has a couple of Xbox games knocking around that she wants to get back to sometime, but apart from that she plays her DS an awful lot and doesn’t let stuff build up – and unfortunately for me, she took me along.

And there are an awful lot of cheap PS2 titles for sale right now.

I came home with Klonoa 2, which was defensible as I enjoyed the GBA games quite a lot.  Seemed perfectly reasonable to add it to the backlog.

Unfortunately, I also came home with Ratchet & Clank : Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal, because I played the PS3 Ratchet & Clank demo and thought it was damn fun, which reminded me that I bought the first game when it went greatest hits and had never actually tried it and then I saw the sequels cheap…

…and Oni, because it was $2.99 with a spotless disc and manual and it surely must be worth it, and Jak & Daxter : The Precursor Legacy because, what the hell, I’m buying all these Ratchet & Clank games and I should at least try the Other Big PS2 Buddy Game, and Jedi Knight II because I thought I’d heard people say that it was awfully good.

So, added six games to the backlog.

At least, after buying the second and third Ratchet & Clank games, I DID put the first one into the PS3 and played it for 3 straight hours.  Mighty fun game, that.  Wish I’d played it at some point in the four years since I bought it, mind you.

I tell myself that it could have been much worse, I could have bought six NEW games and then been out $240.  Buying these six only set me back $43 which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things.

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