Electronic repairs, quite satisfactory:

So, I took our Denon 2910 DVD player in for service last Sunday because it had stopped playing some – but not all – CDs, and I honestly expected to get it back with a note of “could not reproduce problem.”

This worry was intensified somewhat when the retailer called back five days later saying that I could come and pick up my player.  I mean, it was cool that they’d shipped it off to Denon and gotten it back already, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed like that wasn’t really enough time to test it and fix it.

I took along a power cord and a couple of CDs that had exhibited problems.  I’m not an idiot.

Happily, when I plugged the player in at the store and put CDs into it, it recognized them without difficulty, so I took it home to confront my next worry.

See, the whole reason we went with this model of Denon was that it could be made region-free by pushing a few buttons, no modification needed.

When I took it in, I was really hoping that, in addition to actually being able to see the problem, that they wouldn’t exercise their right to say “well, it’s broken, here’s this year’s model DVD player instead.”

They didn’t do that, which was nice.  They found that the problem was that the optical drive was, well, worn out, replaced the drive, which sorted out the problem neatly, and I should have been worry-free from that point on, only:

The work order also said “UPGRADED FIRMWARE”, and this made me somewhat nervous, because that’s the sort of things companies do to get rid of little things like back-door-region-code-mods.

We got it home, I plugged it in, and all the settings were back to the default states, as if it were new from box.  This was a pretty good indication that they had done the firmware upgrade they mentioned.

I put in a region 1 disc, which played just fine.

Then I put in our region 2 Nausicaa DVD, and THAT played just fine.

So life is good.  I’m not sure how they upgraded the firmware without knocking it back to a region 1 player, but I’m not going to bitch.

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