I’m coming up on the end of my AA degree, a nominally-two year process that will have stretched out for three years by the end of it.

I have good reason for this.

If I’d started off with a full load of courses and realized that it just wasn’t going to happen, it would have been embarrassing and expensive.  Instead, I took five classes over the first three terms, concentrating on ones that were heavy pre-requisites, the sorts of things I really didn’t WANT to take.  Writing, speech, college algebra… Not things that were relevant to the plan of getting a degree in Japanese, but at the same time things that, if I couldn’t hack it in, I wouldn’t get any degree at all.  After those first three terms, I switched to full time and took classes like statistics, psychology, drama, economics, chemistry…

I did occasionally have to explain to people that, yes, I was trying for a Japanese degree, and that, no, I didn’t see any real contradictions in going to college for five terms before enrolling in my first actual Japanese class.

But I digress.

My plan has been to finish up my Oregon Transfer AA degree in Spring of 2009, and it’s looking like I’ll hit the mark there.

That leaves me two years short of the whole Bachelor’s degree thing.

A solution comes to mind here, which is to find somewhere else that will let me take classes and hopefully eventually issue me a degree.

The obvious candidate for that was the semi-local State university, which would have let me stay right where I am and commute about 20 miles each way for school.

That made perfect sense until, oh, the whole gas crunch thing and also our rent jumping by 20% over the last two years as a new management company bought our complex.

Sucking up the rent boost in order to stay put and drive forty miles round-trip at least three days a week sounded kind of dumb, so we were looking at moving closer to school.

On the other hand.

The hard part about moving is the “putting stuff in boxes and in a truck”, right?

Once it’s in a truck, moving, say, 100 miles in the opposite direction to go to the slightly-less-local school with the much better-known Japanese program isn’t all that much more difficult, right?

With this in mind, I put in an application to them, mindful of the fact that their reputation for having good programs came with a bit of a reputation for being difficult to get in to.

That came back yesterday, approved, with all of my community college course hours neatly assigned to the equivalent courses at the four-year college, and it looks like I had better get ready to box stuff up over the next eight months. 🙂

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