20th Anniversary Phantasy Star Wallpaper

A little while ago, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Phantasy Star series – you know, the really damn cool Master System and Genesis RPGs that Sega has been trying to pretend never existed now that they’ve decided that pumping out endless pseudo-MMORPGs is a better use of the name? – Sega put up an anniversary web site and put out a few bits and bobs designed to get the nostalgia flowing and the wallets opening.

In Japan only, of course.

Anyway, one of the bits and bobs was a very neat poster.  I couldn’t buy it, of course, and the provided image sample was far too small to use as a desktop wallpaper.

I finally found a decent-size version of the image.  Still a bit small, but on a white desktop background it works pretty well regardless of your monitor size.

I share this with you now:


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3 Responses to 20th Anniversary Phantasy Star Wallpaper

  1. TheoGeoAes says:

    I was looking for a nice Phantasy Star wallpaper, and so I thank you very much now that I have found this one. I was just doing a play through of all the classic PS games, and I had that random itch to search the internet for some nice art, ya know?


  2. Altsune says:

    I’m looking to play the old ones too, they were harrrrrrrrrrd XD
    But I was always a fan of the PS games. I love the story, setting and the strong chicks in all of em xD


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