Firmware frustration

I’m letting my PSP annoy me lately.

See, here’s the thing:  I have a Ceramic White Japanese PSP-1000, hand-imported from Akihabara back in August of ’06.  I rather like having the Japanese firmware; it means that when I go looking for demos or wallpaper or what have you, I’m taken to the Japanese PSP site which has better stuff than the US site.

It’s running firmware version 3.50, which is the last version that can be replaced with custom firmware without too much effort; all I need to do is use the Lumines buffer overrun thing.  Of course, then I lose the things that I like about having an imported PSP.

It running firmware 3.50 is also what’s stopping me from playing the last three or four PSP games I’ve gotten; they all require at least 3.51.  If I upgrade to 3.51, I’m locked into official firmware from then on out.

I had a solution to this.

I was going to buy a “Deep Red” PSP-2000 in Japan in June so I’d have one PSP with up-to-date Japanese firmware and I could replace the firmware on my original PSP with custom firmware.

I also thought that the red PSP looked super cool, so, you know, two good reasons to drop another Y16900.  It occurs to me that I have pretty poor priorities for how to spend money.


The red PSP-2000 was not to be found, anywhere, for any price.

I could have picked up pretty much any other limited edition – even the Final Fantasy limited edition package – just not the red one.  I did see a gentleman using one in a maid cafe, so I know that they do exist and aren’t just a product of my fevered imagination.

And, no, I don’t want the red PSP that came out in the US, because I’d have to try to scrape off the Kratos and I don’t think that would work out well.

I’m honestly not even sure what homebrew apps I WANT to run.

The usual reason people put custom firmware on their PSPs is to run bootlegged copies of games, and I could really care less about that, so I’m not exactly sure why I’m holding back upgrading the PSP to the latest version except that, well, it feels like I’m closing a door.

And, no, It’s not that I’m refraining based on any particular ethical grounds.  It’s just that I don’t have enough time to play through all the games I’ve actually spent money on, so there’s no point in making my PSP able to play ISOs; it would just mean that I could accumulate even more games that I don’t have time for.  🙂

This has been especially annoying since it’s mid-November and two of the PSP games I haven’t been able to play were 2007 Christmas gifts, so they’ve been sitting unplayed for 11 months while I try to make up my mind.  I’ve also been putting off buying games I want – like Crisis Core – so my PSP has pretty much been nothing but a media player all this time.

So, yeah, it’s a petty thing to be frustrated about and I really need to make up my mind, but first I needed to rant about it.

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