Being Employed Actually Kind of Rocks

So, I graduated about three months ago, and my bosses at the university were kind enough to let me hold on to my student job through the end of Spring term, but it was a job with an expiration date of mid-June, something that provided ample incentive to go looking for work.

This was not something I was looking forward to – the job market is touchy these days in the best of markets, and I’m not in the best of markets – so it was with a great deal of relief that I found myself, on the 6th, at a new employer, happily sizing up a new cubicle, signing up for benefits and a membership at the corporate gym – and I WILL be making use of it, if for no other reason than that traffic is murder around the place at 5 and spending half an hour on an exercise bike is a welcome delay tactic – and generally settling in.

I shouldn’t actually say “new employer”, because I’m actually returning to a company I worked for in the mid 90s, but it’s been long enough that just about everyone I know has moved on.  A mostly new employer, anyway.

So, come September when my student loans start coming due, I should actually be able to make payments on them.  What recent graduate could ask for more?


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