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What Comes After: Light Depression, The Video Game

What Comes After is a short, atmospheric Switch game that follows a young woman who falls asleep on the last train of the night and wakes up to discover that the train has a second role – it carries the … Continue reading

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Food Girls. That’s it. That’s the title.

Playing two Switch games in a row is pretty unusual, but hanging out with Klonoa reminded me that I actually own the system and that it’s a pretty decent handheld.  Hence this post. Today, I would like to talk about … Continue reading

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Two Decades with Gaming’s Best Boy.

To be clear, it’s this guy: And I’ll let one of his sidekicks sum up why: …because it’s easier than actually putting my own thoughts into words, and honestly I could probably ask an AI to write up an article … Continue reading

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Moar Diarblo!

Getting this out of the way first: Diablo 3 marks the second time ever that I have finished a game and then immediately played it a second time, with the first being Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly.  That’s pretty high … Continue reading

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It’s been nearly sixteen years since the last time I tried playing any games in the “Diablo” series, and my attempt back in 2007 to get into the first game ended pretty abruptly.  I couldn’t get on with the controls … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft: How to Main Your Dragon

So, the latest World of Warcraft expansion came out a couple of weeks ago, right when I was supposed to be studying for the JLPT. So I didn’t get very far into it until after the test. Now that I … Continue reading

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I’m FINALLY caught up to Genshin Impact

My recent Game of Choice has been Genshin Impact, which is a huge rabbit hole to fall into. It may be the most dangerous game I’ve played, barring actual MMOs like WoW or the original Everquest, and I’m not just … Continue reading

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All’s Well That (Endwalkers) Well?

Finished up FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion today – just the main story, mind you, I haven’t gone in to any of the post-launch content or done any of the optional stuff like raiding. I’m not really feeling any great need to … Continue reading

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Grinds, silly:

I am no stranger to games that encourage, or actively require grinding. I played Everquest for several years, and I can vividly remember spending hours at a time starting at an empty spot on my screen that would, every six … Continue reading

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Friendship ended with PROJECT DIVA. Now CHRONO CIRCLE is my best friend.

So, the worst thing about the whole global pandemic thing – apart from, you know, millions of deaths and a crippling blow dealt to the global economy – is that the entire country went into lockdown literally the same MONTH … Continue reading

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