I do not often post wallpaper

…and, in fact, there’s nothing particularly special about this one, it’s just another cute girl-with-nekomimi wallpaper. If you are looking for more, may I kindly direct you to 4chan?

But, I saw the phrase “cat ear girl she is draw girl” in my search referrer log, and it bugged me because I KNEW I’d seen that exact mangled-english phrase on a wallpaper at some point, so I loaded up Picasa and scrolled through my “wallpapers, slightly naughty” folder until I found it.

So, whoever was looking for “cat ear girl she is draw girl”, if you throw that phrase into a search engine again, here you go.

Full disclosure: I do not ACTUALLY have a “wallpapers, slightly naughty” folder, but I think I am going to sort all my wallpaper folders in similar fashion very soon, because the opportunities for coming up with funny folder names are, well, endless.

“Wallpapers, slightly naughty”, “Wallpapers, not terribly naughty at all”, “Wallpapers, actually quite naughty” and so on and so forth.

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