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Yuno, I’m troubled.

I ought to be heading to bed soon, but I’ll probably be up for an hour or so. In the meantime I am faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I should take this opportunity to study for the … Continue reading

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Osu! And a quandry

You remember, back in 1992, back when you’d played the first Sonic absolutely to death and you were waiting desperately for Sonic 2 to come out, and when it did you burned through it in no time at all and … Continue reading

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Feelings of guilt, also: stuff.

So, a large part of this week has been critiquing papers written by my classmates. They’re doing the same thing, of course – in my Literature class everyone needs to post a draft of their final project and provide a … Continue reading

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Vista Post #5, also forklifts.

In the inbox today: “Thank you for submitting your order for Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit CD/DVD OEM. Your order has been shipped. You should receive your order within 3 weeks. If you do not receive your order, please contact … Continue reading

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Nekomimi fan-service

It seems like about half the hits I get from search engines are people searching on “nekomimi” – so, in an attempt to give my readers what they want, which is not me griping about school or droning on about … Continue reading

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Joysticks and catgirls, oh my.

I am kind of prone to buying things that will be useful, someday… and then not doing anything with them for quite a while. Let me back up a bit. If you were a fan of mahjong games or Capcom … Continue reading

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Standing up, moving forward…

Classes are set for next term, and I’ve spoken with the teacher about the possibility of being out of the country with no warning for three weeks if work sends me to Germany. She’s OK with this, so it looks … Continue reading

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