More on Jeanne

To quote myself from a few days ago, on the topic of Jeanne D’arc:

“Those minor things aside, serious thumbs up. It’s challenging, it’s satisfying, and – tragic lack of catgirls aside – it’s awfully pretty.”

Well, how was I supposed to know about Mawra?


So, really, pretty much the perfect game.

I wasn’t able to play for about 3 weeks – I had that much homework, and being sick for a week and having a hard drive crash didn’t help – but now that I’m back to it, it continues to entertain.

I’m unfortunately stuck on a – sigh – protect mission, where I have to get an incredible pansy of an NPC to a set point in 20 turns, and if he takes a single hit he’s pretty much dead for sure.

I got quite close once, and then the game decided that, since I’d killed almost every enemy in the level, I needed to have six reinforcements show up, one of them almost on top of the NPC I need to protect.

Still, I will persevere.

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