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Still playing Mass Effect

Finished ME2 and launched right into ME3 and immediately got a sense for why there was so much griping about it when it came out.  Still, it’s pretty amazing and I’ll put something up here about my thoughts on 2 … Continue reading

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Streetpass Effect

I mentioned a month or two ago that I’d taken to collecting Streetpasses on my Pretty Princess Pink 3DSXL, and that I’d gotten a few Special Miis thanks to E3. That was cool and all, but really I wasn’t getting … Continue reading

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Much derp in Tachikawa

I’ve been known to go quite a bit out of my way to go to places I’ve seen in anime.  I went all the way to freakin’ KOCHI, of all places, just because I really liked Umi ga Kikoeru, and … Continue reading

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That’s not gonna help the backlog.

So I just got back from a week and a bit in Japan.  I’m happy to report that it’s still there, still terribly polite to clueless foreigners, and generally a fun place to wander around in even if it occasionally … Continue reading

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One More Thing I Kinda Miss About Japan

I interrupt my normal generally up-beat and silly postings for a rant that I’ll probably feel rather silly about posting in five minutes but that feels ever so good to get off my chest right now. After a very short … Continue reading

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Ramen revelations

Dear Diary, Today, after a couple of decades of being just a little too interested in Japanese culture, and after several trips to Japan proper, I learned – in a ramen shop in Oregon, of all places, that Cha Shu … Continue reading

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Deep thoughts

Today has been one of those days at work where I look at the state of my savings account, look at my frequent flyer miles, and try to calculate how long my wife and I could live in a capsule … Continue reading

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A Tokyo Sunset

My iPhone has, in the year and a half I’ve had the thing, replaced an awful lot of other gadgets I used to carry with me.  It’s rarely the BEST tool for any given job, but it’s typically Good Enough, … Continue reading

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Somewhat stretched analogies

If I were to say to you that “Man, Woman, and the Wall” was “kind of like ‘Rear Window’, only in Japan and with an awful lot of nudity”, you might be tempted to slap me upside the head. One, … Continue reading

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Soft Cream

I’m a big fan of soft-serve ice cream, I think it’s pretty much the definition of the perfect summer treat. Japan, fortunately, agrees with me, though they just call the stuff “Soft Cream” and leave it at that. This last … Continue reading

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