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Weekend goals, an update

Did: Finish my 3-page paper on Confucianism for REL101; go me! Didn’t: actually get any studying for my JPN301 midterm done.  At least I still have four hours until class. Did: attend the football game.  My school’s team was winning … Continue reading

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A weekend to-do list:

To do this weekend: 1) Write a 3-page REL101 paper. 2) Study for JPN301 midterm 3) Attend a football game.  Yes, you read that right, an actual sporting event.  No, I don’t know the actual rules to the sport, but … Continue reading

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I just used Capcom’s Ōkami as the primary source material for my first 300-level college paper, in a class that is currently focused on Japanese literature of the Heian period. I wouldn’t have tried this sort of thing at my … Continue reading

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Well, that wasn’t so bad

OK, so, my Japanese placement test went extremely well; I was worried about being allowed into JPN301 in the Fall, and the person who did my interview not only approved me for that, she suggested that it might be too … Continue reading

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I watch bad movies (So you don’t have to)

Well, I’m about one truckload away from being completely moved to the town where I’ll be spending the next two years, and after a bit over a week with no internet connection I’m back on line.  Life is good. I … Continue reading

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I are graduated

Three years of night & weekend courses under my belt, I’m now the proud holder of an associate’s degree. Well, the proud holder of a diploma cover with a “We’ll mail you your degree in a few weeks if you … Continue reading

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2 Weeks and Out, Man

Two weeks left until graduation – well, graduation from my 2 year college, anyway. I have one term paper and two presentations still to do, and I’ve only written a rough draft of one of the presentations.  I should be … Continue reading

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One more term down

As soon as I drive in to school tomorrow – a little over an hour’s round-trip to hand in one paper and then drive directly home, as the instructor doesn’t take electronic submissions – I’ll be done with the term, … Continue reading

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Unexpected Benefits Of Education

One of the classes I’m taking this term is ART208, “Art of China”, which I was a little hesitant about signing up for because it wasn’t directly linked to my Japan studies but I figured what the hell. I hoped … Continue reading

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OK, this was my fault.

One of the courses I’m taking this term is an online Geology course, because I need science credits to get my AA degree so I can enter the next school as a Junior. I don’t much care for science courses.  … Continue reading

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