One more term down

As soon as I drive in to school tomorrow – a little over an hour’s round-trip to hand in one paper and then drive directly home, as the instructor doesn’t take electronic submissions – I’ll be done with the term, and at 90 credits, officially enough for my AA degree but without quite the right class mix to qualify.  This really isn’t such a bad thing, though, since I need to stay a full-time student through Spring term or risk having to start paying back student loans two years before I’m finished with my BA.

So I’ll be knocking out my last science requirement, and my PE requirement, and taking Japanese 203, and in general hopefully having an uneventful spring term.

Considering that I’ve gotten this far, I can probably make it through whatever I get thrown at me.

Yes, even PE. 🙂

I did attend a big event put on by my future 3rd-and-4th-year school.  It turned out to be mostly aimed at, well, high school seniors, and specifically geared towards getting them to commit to a school choice, so wasn’t entirely relevant to me, but I did get a couple of questions answered re: coming in as a transfer student and there were free cookies.

So, hey, free cookies, and they even had lots of my second favorite kind, that being white chocolate macadamia, so I’ll forgive them the tragic lack of snickerdoodles.

Wow, boring post is boring.  I’ll stop now and try to come up with something interesting next time.

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