OK, this was my fault.

One of the courses I’m taking this term is an online Geology course, because I need science credits to get my AA degree so I can enter the next school as a Junior.

I don’t much care for science courses.  In high school, I took a combined total of six years of various science courses, so I really think I’ve done my part for test tube suppliers worldwide and can be excused from any more.


This geology course has, in addition to an essay-format final exam worth 18% of the grade, a term paper worth another 18% of the grade.  It has to be on a topic that the teacher approves, and it has to be five pages long with a bibliography.

This isn’t anything TOO extreme, I guess, for a college class, but it’s a bit daunting considering that we also have weekly labs and weekly written assignments.  This class has a hell of a lot of homework.

Anyway, I’ve been sniping away at the assignment for the last three or four weeks, gathering sources and taking notes, and I finally polished it off in a marathon session this weekend.  It took fourteen hours of my Sunday to get it up to a full five pages, and I am a little ashamed to admit that I had to toss in a bit of padding, but I’m done and even submitted it a week before its due date.

So go me, right?

Before I submit it, I check the syllabus one last time to see if there’s any special submission instructions other than “email it in”.

And I read the description of the term paper one last time.

And I see, for the first time, the bit where it says:

“At least five pages (double spaced)”

And I said some rude things.

And then I opened up my paper in Word, selected everything but the bibliography, set “line spacing” from “1.0” to “2.0” and submitted my newly-ten-page monstrosity of a paper.

So, yeah, that was my fault.  I even went back and checked my printed copy of the syllabus from the first week and it says “double spaced” there, too, so it’s not like he snuck it into the syllabus halfway through the term.

But the guy had better appreciate it, damnit.

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