Go read these guys instead, they’re funnier.

I don’t look at my referrer logs often, because they don’t change much from day to day.  A bunch of people have linked to some pages I wrote about weird Japanese fast food, someone linked from the Encyclopedia Dramatica to my rant about Super Princess Peach, and a few people have links to the post where I put a Halo helmet on my cat and took a picture of her.

My cat: Internet Celebrity.

That reminds me, I took a bunch of food photos while I was in Japan over the summer and inasmuch as most of my traffic comes from people looking for same (or looking for pictures of Pokémon characters in compromising positions, but this isn’t that sort of blog), I should probably get to posting those.

But I digress.

Anyway, I noticed a new source on the referrer page, and following it led me to some deliciously-snarky writing about old videogames that nobody remembers.  I blew through a couple of hours reading almost everything there; it’s not a huge site but the content is of the “just one more article and I’ll get back to productive work” variety.

Then I went through the links on the bottom of the page and lost nearly a week’s free time to reading the entirety of the back archive of this guy’s site.

As a rule, I don’t follow the infighting and drama that surrounds anime fandom.  This poor bastard has made it his career – he can’t escape – but he’s spent an awful lot of time in chronicling the most horrific parts of the “scene” in terribly entertaining fashion, and I felt the better for having read through all of it.

Also he nearly got me to buy a Gamera pachislot machine just by mentioning that companies import them, but that didn’t pass the “wife test”, for which – a week later, and saner – I’m actually grateful.

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