I lied

OK, I didn’t exactly LIE, as such. I did take Project Diva out of my PSP overnight, and even put a different game in there.

Then I took that game out the next morning and put Miku back in.

The end result is that, nearly two weeks after the point where I’d cleared every song and where I’d normally call a game finished and stick it back on the shelf, I’m still playing.

I’ve also ignored every bit of sanity I had when I said I wasn’t going to try beating all the songs on hard. I’ve done that, and then I went back and beat them all on hard with a GREAT ranking. “Disappearance” took 16 tries, by the way.

But, you see, I had to do that to unlock the gold Miku dress. It’s only logical.

At this point, I only have two outfits left to unlock to 100% the entire game, and I’ve put nearly 40 hours in. That might actually make this the longest game I’ve played since The Witcher.

Definitely not going to buy the sequel until after I’ve graduated, I tell you that.

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