Things that are good

1) Shadow of the Colossus is washing away those Buffy related frustrations.

2) Some of the stuff I’ve put up on eBay has sold, been paid for, and shipped off. Less stuff in the apartment! More money in the paypal account!

3) Suchie Pai III is coming out for DS and PSP. This is my favorite mahjong series and it’s been PC-only since the Dreamcast game was released – the Dreamcast game being one of exactly two titles I have that do NOT work with the VGA cable. An outrage, I tell you. Also, in today’s climate it will likely be a more, hmm, “family friendly” mahjong game than previous Suchie Pai games, but it should still be fun. I’m thinking that the DS version is the one for me since it puts the mahjong board on the bottom screen leaving the top free for character art.

4) I have discovered “Lucky Star”, a new and very funny anime series that lots of folks seem to compare to Azumanga Daioh. It’s a little goofier and the characters don’t have a lot of depth yet, but I’ve enjoyed the three episodes I’ve seen so far.

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