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In which, I succumb to gamification

So, a little backstory here. Literally. For a few years now, I have had recurring pain in the lower right corner of my back, something that I chalked up to the inevitable advances of age. Never enough to be serious, … Continue reading

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Finding your Amazon Locker Pickup Code

Edit: This post has been getting a lot of hits and I figure you are all probably very busy and don’t want to read a boring story before getting to the answer.  Check the “Tracking” screen for your package in … Continue reading

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The Internet was a mistake

I was probably exposed to the Internet too early – both in that I was in my teens and that it was the mid 1980s, before the advent of the world wide web, before anyone but the government and colleges … Continue reading

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The Last Night and the Big Character Poster

Warning: Random social commentary post follows, which is quite out of the ordinary for this blog.  I apologize in advance, and invite you to come back again tomorrow for such riveting topics as “which Dragon Age character I would most … Continue reading

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Why my wife will murder me, and why it is totally justified. 

For the record, I usually do my own laundry and she was doing me a huge favor here. 

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I’m feeling particularly slack today and my desk is almost clean. Time for an easy post. Mind you, it’s clean because I decided to finally get down to business and wrangle the nests of cables underneath into submission, a process … Continue reading

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Ten Years Blog

10 YEARS AFTER 10年後の あなたを みつめていたい STAY TOGETHER その時 きっとそばで 微笑んでいたい I’m not great at remembering to put up anniversary posts.  It seemed like I should probably remember this anniversary, though, since it’s been a decade of talking about random video games, weird food, … Continue reading

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