Finding your Amazon Locker Pickup Code

Edit: This post has been getting a lot of hits and I figure you are all probably very busy and don’t want to read a boring story before getting to the answer.  Check the “Tracking” screen for your package in the Amazon app on your phone, or “Message Center” under Your Account.  If you still want to read the boring story of how I got in trouble with my company’s mail room, keep reading. 🙂


Boring post title, I know. This is another one of those cases where I had a minor annoyance and thought I’d do my best to spare others of the same.

I work an odd shift, and I’m a bit of a shut-in anyway, so I get a lot of stuff delivered from Amazon. I’m not a huge fan of having packages left at the front door, though, so I usually get them sent to work. It adds peace of mind.

I am currently not in the good graces of our mail room, however, due to a tiny lapse in judgement that absolutely anyone could have made.

If you must know, I had a chainsaw shipped to work. It turns out that some people consider that a “dangerous item” that violates our security policies. For the record, our building’s security manager is a very nice chap and I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet him otherwise, so it’s not like it was all bad.

So… I don’t want to have anything sent to work until they’ve had a chance to forget that. A year sounds about right.

I’m relaxing my standards on what I’ll ship home, but for anything more than 20 bucks or so I’m still probably going to want it delivered somewhere secure.

Enter the Amazon Locker. I’ve used these once before, when I was traveling and wanted something sent to me, but it’s been several years since – fortunately, long enough for one to finally exist in my fairly small home town.

So I placed a small order to be delivered to the local locker, and I checked the Amazon app today and noticed that it had been delivered.

There was only one problem: I didn’t get the delivery notification email that would have included the pickup code to actually open the locker. I checked my spam folder, even, with no luck. It does turn out that my email provider has been a little over aggressive with the spam filtering, so I need to figure out how to tell it to tone that down, but that wasn’t helpful in actually getting to the package.

There’s also no “resend code” on the Amazon web site, or at least not one I could find.

It turns out that, should you find yourself in similar straits, the pickup code is available on the TRACKING screen for the package. This may seem obvious, and in retrospect it IS kind of obvious, but I had a few panicked moments before I thought to look there.

Also, chainsaws are not appropriate objects to be sent to the office mail room. That’s probably more obvious still, but sometimes I am not the brightest bulb on the strand.

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4 Responses to Finding your Amazon Locker Pickup Code

  1. ESC says:

    Thanks for the write up.
    Wish to add that I managed to locate the code via the ‘Message Center’ found under ‘Your Account’. Another avenue for some I reckon.

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  2. benriibusu says:

    I’m also not receiving the amazon locker pickup code email. Asked Amazon via their “Contact us” but it’s not working. My email is all registered correctly. It’s been happening since mid 2017


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