I’m feeling particularly slack today and my desk is almost clean. Time for an easy post.

Mind you, it’s clean because I decided to finally get down to business and wrangle the nests of cables underneath into submission, a process which involved TWO trips to Home Depot and a lot of looking sagely at the mess and saying “hmmmm.”

You’ll note that there are no pictures of what the cables look like after spending three hours on this.  It’s not pretty. At least everything’s off the floor except for the cables to two powerstrips, so I have that small victory.

I have a long desk, it’s two IKEA tabletops shoved together and held up with more IKEA legs and then there are some IKEA shelves and um.  Someday I will be an adult and have furniture that didn’t come in a flat pack.  Someday.

“Play” desk: PC, PS4, PS3 all hooked up to a 28″ 4K monitor.  Wonderfully clacky $30 mechanical keyboard which drives my wife mad.  Shelves of backlog.

“Work” desk: iMac, Surface 3, other stuff that needs to charge over here.

“Work” is a highly questionable description but I’m going to pretend it applies.

I actually feel pretty good with the state of the top of the desk, even if I don’t want to look underneath right now.  It was buried in papers and junk yesterday and now it’s (comparatively) vacant of stuff and rife with possibilities.

Or the cats will sleep on it and complain that there isn’t enough stuff to push off the edges.  That I think I can count on.


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2 Responses to Nerdvana

  1. Ignoring all the tech stuff. That poster is god damn awesome.


    • baudattitude says:

      Thanks! Sadly I had it for a couple of decades before I could afford a proper frame job so it’s a little beat up, but I’m a huge fan of the modern Gamera movies (and have a bit of a soft spot for the 60s ones, as goofy as they can be)

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