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WoW: I See Dead People

Got to level 77 tonight, running a few new instances along the way. I think stuff is starting to have frontal AEs (“Cleaves” I think is the vernacular), because we’ll be zipping along through a dungeon with no worries and … Continue reading

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If it’s Monday, it must be Northrend?

My whirlwind tour of WoW’s old expansions continues, with another batch of Wrath of the Lich King dungeons finished and a couple of ancillary achievements knocked out.  Dungeon experience is notably a little sluggish where I’m at right now, but … Continue reading

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WoW: Tanks Are Morons Edition

OK, not ALL tanks. Had a couple of groups in a row where the yahoo pulling the dungeon appeared to have no concept of casting times, heal ranges, or line-of-sight issues.   Made it through both eventually anyway, though at least … Continue reading

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WoW: Level 60, Time For Raids!

So, I had planned to try out WoW’s LFR tool to see if anyone still ran the old classic raids. It turns out that, well, even if anyone DOES still run these at level, the LFR tool isn’t available until … Continue reading

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WoW: Expansion Time!

Getting levels 55 through 58 by running classic WoW dungeons was, well, it was a little dull if I’m honest.  It was pretty much the same pair of dungeons and the groups I was in had the sort of attitude … Continue reading

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WoW: Day Five

Not quite the same grind fest today, being a work night, but I managed to get up to level 54 and knock out a couple more dungeons: Both of these looked pretty cool.  WoW’s environmental graphics are starting to grow … Continue reading

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WoW: Day Four and a good day in EQ2.

Actually ended the day at level 52.  Dungeon XP seemed to kind of slow down in the low 40s but kicked up again with a vengeance once I started getting dropped into Stratholme dungeons – there’s a ton of stuff … Continue reading

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I run an i7 Mac Mini for the main file server here.  I’ve been using Minis as my main server for a few years now; they’re quiet, don’t take much power and are pretty much rock solid boxes.  The only … Continue reading

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Maybe a little uncivilized…

Civilization is one of those long-running franchises that I’ve never really taken a crack at before.  It’s got that… reputation to it, the one where you start playing at 8 PM with the goal of getting in just one or … Continue reading

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No Kool-Aid Involved

Every once in a while, I feel the need to put aside the triple-A manshooting games and work on regaining my Indie Game Hipster Cred.  This last week has been a banner week for that, with Bastion, Limbo, and now … Continue reading

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