WoW: I See Dead People

Got to level 77 tonight, running a few new instances along the way.

I think stuff is starting to have frontal AEs (“Cleaves” I think is the vernacular), because we’ll be zipping along through a dungeon with no worries and me wondering if the group even needed a healer, and then for some reason a single pack of trash mobs will knock the entire group to half life.

This was especially noticeable in Halls of Stone on the golem boss.  My first run through, it was a healing nightmare and I lost two people.  Next run, different tank, I just nuked for the 10 seconds it took the golem to die.

Anyway.  New dungeons:




And a random achievement for, well, for looting a lot of things and collecting their appearance for the transmogrification system.


I think Violet Hold may be my new favorite dungeon. It’s not anything special visually, but it doesn’t involve lots of running around and clearing through swarms of monsters, and the random nature of the bosses keeps it spicy.

Plus, you know, dragon.  Though since I haven’t done any of the story quests, I don’t know what her beef is, just that she’s upset.

3 levels to go until …Cataclysm, I think.  I just unlocked a bunch of new Lich King dungeons at 77, those should get me there nicely.

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