A Tale of Two Toy Boxes


Between all of the assorted sales last week and realizing that a 1.0 starter set could be had for well under $20 and came with three complete Playset campaigns, I have added 15 Disney Infinity figures to a bookshelf that is rapidly approaching shameful status.

So, I figured that it might not be a bad idea to actually sit down in front of the PS4 and try some of the recent campaign-style content that Disney has been putting out for the platform.


When Marvel Battlegrounds was announced, there was a fair amount of consternation throughout the Disney Infinity fan community.  It was a new playset, and actually included new content rather than just being an unlock for stuff on the disc, but it was also 30 bucks and only included one figure.

It’s still TECHNICALLY 30 bucks, but every store I’ve ever seen it in has had it at $20 and it’s not hard to find it discounted slightly below that… so it’s really barely more than the cost of the very nice looking Captain America figure.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that, as a single-player playset, it’s a pretty miserable experience, being not much more than a half-dozen disjointed arena fights ending in a cutscene that seems pretty much just designed to be a teaser for future playsets.  I’m really stoked by the implication that future playsets will be playable without needing to buy a 4.0 disc and then a 5.0 disc and so on and so forth, but hopefully they will include more than a half-hour’s worth of play.

If you have three or four kids sitting around and they need a game to play together, ignore most of the previous complaining, because it was made for you, not for bitter 40-somethings with no friends.  In its multiplayer mode, it’s intended to be a Smash Brothers replacement, just using Marvel characters instead of Nintendo mascots… and available for systems that people actually own.


Toy Box Takeover, on the other hand, is the game I wanted from the moment I heard that Disney was cashing in on the whole Toys To Life thing.  It lets you take any of your figures (well, probably not the Cars figures) and sends you through a set of platforming and fighting levels taken from different Disney/Marvel/Star Wars properties.

There’s a little bit of a story to get you going, but really it’s an excuse to run around freezing Venom Symbiotes as Elsa and then mowing down Imperial Stormtroopers as Judy Hopps in a commandeered Scout Walker.

I haven’t tried Toy Box Speedway yet – it’s on my list – but I understand that it includes a Sugar Rush track and I have been wanting to play a Sugar Rush-themed kart racer since roughly 2 minutes after the end credits rolled on Wreck-it Ralph.  I also understand that the AI redefines “cheating bastard” so I may not get TOO much play out of it.  We’ll see.

Next up is probably going to be the Inside Out playset.  I recently got the base set with Joy and Anger as a gift, and the other emotions came home as part of the shopping binge, so I am all set for it.


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