Disney Insanity 3.0

It’s been a bad month for financial responsibility.  I won’t post any pictures here, because they are disturbing, but I will simply say that I have needed to add a couple of shelves to display all of the various Disney Infinity figures that have been making their way into our home during the recent crazy sales.

I also discovered a very handy android application for keeping track of all of the different characters and playsets and power discs and other nonsense, somewhat-unimaginatively-titled “My Disney Infinity Collection“, and I must recommend it to anyone else whose house is slowly being overrun by the little buggers.

It has two features of particular note:

First, rather than boring text lists, all of the lists of play pieces include thumbnail photos.  These are in black and white, until you mark them as “owned”, at which point the owned ones show up as full color.  It’s a very quick way to look at a list and know which you already have.  You can also filter by compatibility, playset usability, keep track of what level you’ve raised them up to, basically everything you really need to know.

Second, it lets you hide things you don’t want to see in the lists.  I personally don’t care about all of the crystal variants and crazy rare stuff like Disney Convention-only toys, so they get marked as hidden and I can cheerfully forget that Disney ever thought that a clear plastic Sully with a few pink paint splotches was ever a good idea.

It’s a free application with a $1.99 unlock to get rid of ads and to add some features.  There’s no iOS version, which is a bit weird, but it justifies me keeping a cheap Android tablet around.

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