Now I Have A Frying Pan. Ho Ho Ho.

toyboxgameslilobraveAnother couple Disney Infinity Toy Box games down, this time the two-pack of “Brave Forest Siege” and “Stitch’s Tropical Rescue” that originally came with the Toy Box edition of 2.0.

These are very much reskins of the “Escape from the Kyln” and “Assault on Asgard” games that were bundled with the Avengers version of the game, just set in more light-hearted environments.  “Escape from the Kyln”, as you might have guessed, gave you the task of breaking out of the high-security prison from Guardians of the Galaxy, beating up an awful lot of assorted villainous types along the way.  “Brave Forest Siege” just has you fighting off hordes of animated wooden bears and collecting cakes, and “Stitch’s Tropical Rescue” has you defending ducklings.

Let’s be honest, these are the “for girls” versions of the Toy Box games, but the candy coating doesn’t extend to the actual gameplay – Brave Forest Siege in particular can get a little brutal if you have underleveled figures, and I wound up cycling quite a few characters on and off the Infinity base before I got my feet under me.

Both were good ways to spend a few hours, and being able to use ANY 1.0 or 2.0 Disney figure in them meant that I got to play some characters that I’d never touched before.

…and that’s how I discovered what is, as far as I’ve seen so far, the most ridiculously imbalanced Disney Infinity figure.

rapunzel_infinityMeet Rapunzel.

If you remember “Tangled”, there was a really enjoyable running gag involving the characters hitting people with, or being hit with, a frying pan, which was effective to the point of absurdity.

Rapunzel, therefore, has a frying pan, which she can hit you with or throw at you.

When thrown, it is fiendishly accurate, has an absurd range, ricochets from target to target after the first hit, and – oh, yes – knocks enemies back, frequently off ledges and into environmental hazards.

To add to the ridiculous nature of the character, her skill tree is set up so that almost all of her damaging skills are front-loaded.  You don’t need to buy a bunch of filler skills to get to her range damage boosts and her melee boosts, so she gets very lethal by, oh, level 8 or so.

When I mentioned that “Brave Forest Siege” had managed to kill me a few times, it’s because I didn’t start with Rapunzel.  She also made plowing through the Lilo and Stitch-themed tower defense game almost shamefully easy – sure, sometimes the various towers I’d set up managed to fend off the attacking robots, but more often than not I could just spam frying pan throw to victory.

Oh, and it makes the most satisfying clanging sounds as it bounces off opponents.  Seriously, it’s music for the soul.

I rather suspect that whoever was responsible for designing the character’s skill set decided that they were going to make the pinkest, blondest, cutest character in the game ALSO the most vicious killer, and I applaud that nameless designer.

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