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I played a short game.

When Gurumin was released, I was fooled by the box art and the game’s subtitle into assuming that it was Yet Another Monster Collecting Game, so I didn’t buy it. I saved some money that way, because it had dropped … Continue reading

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I played a long game.

OK, by the standards of, say, a Square-Enix Epic RPG, Borderlands isn’t a LONG game.  I spent 32 hours playing through it, and that’s barely enough to get through the tutorial in some games. By my standards, however, that’s an … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude: the best kind of freude

I have a habit that might not be entirely healthy. In short, if I feel like I need a quick pick-me-up, I go for a brisk wallow in the mud-pit of human suffering that is the Xbox Live Account Suspensions … Continue reading

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Missing the point.

I have a part-time job now.  Well, I’ve had it for a few months actually.  It came out of my attending my school’s “campus jobs fair”, finding out that “campus jobs fair” meant “jobs for people with work-study packages in … Continue reading

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The Online Shooting Mans

I’m not much of an online gamer. Considering I spent 8 years playing Everquest, that may be kind of an odd statement, but I don’t think it’s too odd to point out that MMOs are in a completely different category … Continue reading

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Somewhat stretched analogies

If I were to say to you that “Man, Woman, and the Wall” was “kind of like ‘Rear Window’, only in Japan and with an awful lot of nudity”, you might be tempted to slap me upside the head. One, … Continue reading

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Also I played a computer simulation of being a horrible horrible person.

Lest you get the impression that this winter break was all about Man’s Eternal Struggle With Technology, I did take a few hours – okay, more than a few – and finished “Just Cause 2”, a game my wife has … Continue reading

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More Winter Projects

Nearly three years ago, I put together a small form factor PC based on the Intel BLKD201GLYL motherboard for use as a download box.  It worked out pretty well – there were some hassles with the initial Windows XP load, … Continue reading

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Winter Projects

One thing about being a college student: your life is measured in terms, broken up by occasional seasonal vacations. We just finished winter break here, and now everyone is grudgingly heading back to school. Winter break is just about three … Continue reading

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Amazon Recommendations, quite peculiar.

OK, I know that this is a cheap shot, that Amazon’s automated system has no way of knowing just how odd this particular recommendation is, and that it’s simply the result of someone buying these two things in combination. That … Continue reading

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