Missing the point.

I have a part-time job now.  Well, I’ve had it for a few months actually.  It came out of my attending my school’s “campus jobs fair”, finding out that “campus jobs fair” meant “jobs for people with work-study packages in their financial aid”, leaving the “campus jobs fair” and walking into assorted departments on campus, dropping off resumes and saying “look, I know you’re not hiring right now, but…”

A couple of weeks later, I got a call from one of the school’s departments asking if I wouldn’t mind coming in for an interview please.

The interview was basically “uh, we don’t get many people with twenty years of experience asking for jobs as a technician, are you sure?”

It’s been pretty fun, really, most every day brings something new and delightful, partially because our default computer OS install is 64-bit Windows 7 and I’m finding that some software companies still haven’t gotten past the idea of coding for Windows XP and partially because I’m working with a building that’s about half full of gigantic egos.  I mean tenured professors.  No, I meant the first thing.

Anyway.  Today’s “new and delightful” was getting to overhear a professor asking to book one of our larger labs for, as he put it, a “make-up session”, because his entire class was going to be absent on Monday and he wanted to have them make up that day.

They’re going to be absent Monday because it’s MLK jr. day.

I think the guy doesn’t really know what “federal holiday” means.

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